Free Estimates and Pricing

Segar Flawless Floors offers 100% free estimates on all hardwood flooring projects. There is absolutely no obligation. Contact us and get your free estimate today! We look forward to hearing from you.

Are you a “Do It Yourself” kind of person?

Have a hectic schedule? Don’t want to work another appointment into your busy life? Getting your free estimate from Segar Flawless Floors is easy! Simply send us an email including as much information about your flooring project as possible, including square footage (and wood type desired when applicable) and we will respond by email with a free rough estimate within 3 business days.

Lets us do it for you

tapeDon’t like to measure things? Let Segar Flawless Floors do the work for you! Call (206)922-9571 or email us and we will schedule you an appointment for a free estimate. Andre Segar of Segar Flawless Floors will come to your home and assess your project. No pressure. No advanced sales techniques. Just a quick visit. We’ll measure and look over the areas to be installed, repaired or refinished, and you will receive your free estimate within two business days.


Quality Hardwood Floor Services at Competitive Prices

At Segar Flawless Floors, you will always find competitive prices on hardwood flooring installation, repair and refinishing and the absolute highest quality craftsmanship available in the industry. *Generally, our prices are as follows.

  • $2 per square foot for installation (labor only)
  • $2 per square foot for sanding of raw wood
  • $3 per square foot for prefinish installation
  • $3 per square foot for refinishes
  • $150 per stair for standard stairwork (install/sand/finish)
  • an additional $1-$2 per square foot for custom stains

* Prices are rough estimates and can vary greatly depending on the layout, condition and square footage of the project involved. The only way to get an accurate price for your project is by requesting an in person free estimate.

Call us 206 922 9571 or email us today.